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it Doesn't compare




Chapter of Parables

"This Album is Truly a
Chapter of Parables
sit back and let your
Spirit Read"



"Live in Europe"

"This Album Features our Brother Ron Artis II

Performing in europe. prepare for an

Extraordinary journey" -Stevon.H.Artis

"New Releases of 2011"



"The Artis Family have added a new genre to the menu called "Plugged-in".
with every flavor of music you can feel, delivered in a electric dish. "

listen below:

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"New Releases 2010"

1 Hour Of Funk

"This is for everyone who needs to feel they're soul groove from sunrise to sunset,
with real music from real people. "

listen below:


The Lord Has Got Me

"This album is a very down to earth homecooked meal
for anyone who needs some spiritual food."



Born To Be Happy

"this entire cd is filled with happy, loving, Godly energy.
To keep you smiling and dancing all the days of your life"

(Ska, Funk, Soul)


I Can't Leave

"A very peaceful relaxing swim through oceans of heavenly memories"
(Featuring Ron Artis II on Alto Saxaphone)

(Smooth Instrumental / Easy Listening)

Something's On Your Mind

"All original soulful hip-hop and Spiritual Rap,
all stories about the world and where we've got to be "

(Hip-Hop / Rap)


"New Releases 2009"

This Lovely World Of Ours

" This album goes through four complete eras of rock
from the 60's through the 80's and up to cutting edge Orchestra Rock. "


No One Knows About Love

" This album is a very smooth and soulful journey.
with all original titles straight from the Artis Family "

(Soul - Smooth Jazz)

The Heart Of America

" Blues from delta - chicago - texas and back to hawaii "


I'm A Witness

(Folk - Country)


Movin' On

"Pure rock from The Artis Family"


Acoustic Peace

A very soothing acoustic Guitar
with peaceful vocals by Ron Artis II

(Acoustic -Folk - Pop)

Keep Her Smooth
(Music video available on YouTube)

The Artis Family's latest reggae
with a soulful touch.


A Portrait Of Victoria Artis

The Latest CD from Mrs.Victoria Artis

"A Classic Of All Classics"

(Classic Jazz - Soul - Country)

If You Can't Feel It

This CD will keep you groovin'
with funky rhythms and soulful
vocals that make it clear that
"If You Can't Feel It, Than Something's
Wrong With You"


(Delta Blues - Rock 'n' Roll")

Live Rainbow Concert

(Broadway to Jazz - Blues to Rock and everything between)

Texas Blues

(Gut Bucket Blues - Rock 'n' Roll)

It Happens For You

(Rock - Jazz - Folk - Blues)


The Sound Of The North Shore

(Folk - Jazz - Latin - Blues)

Taste Of The Northshore

(Smooth Jazz)

Find A Way

(Funk - Rock)

Grandma's Blues


Victoria's Throne

(Jazz - Folk - Reggae - Soul)

Feel It



The Little Blues House On The North Shore


Let The World Sing

"The Artis Family's Latest Acoustic CD"

(Acoustic Guitar - Bluegrass - Country)


North Shore Reggae

(Reggae) Reggae

(Funk Reggae)

Good Ol' Country Blues

(Country Blues - Rock 'n' Roll)

A Sip Of Life




Stephanie's Garden


You Can't Lie To Me

(Smooth Blues)


One Thought

(Easy Listning)

Victoria's Greatest Hits

(Soul - Folk - Jazz)

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Ron Artis Music Gallery

Ron and Victoria Artis have trained all of their children

on every level of artistic expression , leaving no stone

unturned. The result of this training is a fresh innovative

Paradise Sound that feels good no matter what style of music it

is delivered in.


All of the Music on this web site was created and produced by

The Artis Family.

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