Ron Artis on location , Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

Ron has painted murals inside of all the

Navy Ships shown here.

Ron Artis is a United States of America Disabled Veteran. Ron Artis' family will always serve God and Country with all our love, loyalty, strength and honor.


Ron Artis is a world class artist who is always coming up with a new way to artistically express himself. Painter,Author,Composer, Teacher,Preacher, Husband and Father. Ron's life is full and rich with artistic concepts that he shares with the world. Murals aboard Billion Dollar Submarines and Ships for the U.S. Navy, Portraits for the Rich and Famous, Composing Music with Michael Jackson and other top recording artist, Music Director and Composer for HBO and Films, Ron Artis Studio Gallery of Beverly Hills and now Ron Artis of Hawaii.


I am deeply honored that you chose to visit my web site. I hope you found my artistic point of view refreshing and entertaining. I have dedicated my entire life to the arts, hoping to help people to stay with God and understand His love for us.

"Build strong families and help restore the goodness in the world. Don't let

your children fall into darkness. Teach the talented ones to stay with God

and use their gifts to bring people together in love, not hate."

With MP3s, CD Burners, Recordable DVDs, and other wonderful tools,

our talented children can now share their gifts with the entire world. God

has made it easy for us. We just have to do our part. Share the Love.


"This Site Is Dedicated To My Father"

Ron Artis' father ( Air Force ) Norman Artis is one of the survivors of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States Pentagon.

Thanks for the visit, please come again for there will be alot of growth in the near "future" with ..Ron Artis' web site. Aloha!